The name of therapist :
Yoshiko Avery NATSUKAWA

Qualifications :

Certified Visiting therapist level 2,

Certified Hypno-therapist (ABH, ITTI),

Certified Professional counselor

Certified teacher of hypno induction

Completed telephone counseling technique

Certified Web Counselor for School Refusal and NEET

Certified Cyberbulling Remedy Adviser

Certified Dream Analyser

Member of Art Mental Lab (an art therapist)

Certified Color-puncture therapist


Audit on PC:
the therapist of SaveYou is one of the personalities of this program to talk about methods, theories, studies, mental support, etc in Japanese on Tuesdays.

specialized in
Child abuse
Child care
Management Care
Working mental Care

working area
session: basically Tokyo
visiting therapy: any areas in Japan or overseas  (transportation fee will be charged separately)
online: automatically charged every minutes

studies of bread baking,
studies of tea,
studies of Feng-shui