the method Natsukawa offers

The method of consultation NATSUKAWA offers

Y. NATSUKAWA accepts anyone who is clinicopathological level, poor socially adjustable level and/or socially adjustable level.

NATSUKAWA with hypno-therapy, art-therapy, reflect-analysis, color-therapy, dream analysis, TA, Gestalt, psycho-analysis, etc.

It is called "solution focused" consultation.

It is not the method which the counselor repeats your words and engage in a single-minded effort to listen to you without any questions or advice like client-oriented method which normally Japanese clients prefer.
Therefore, if you like the client-oriented method , you might not feel comfortable to reach at the main cause quickly. If you want to be listened in sympathy not to find the reasons, you might feel too quick to speak about the hidden reasons.

Your worries can be solved by consultation

This method is for the person who wants to solve problems but maybe not for the person who needs somebody to sympathize and to share the same feelings.
It is because the clients who wants to put off the time to realize the fact or the main point.
For them it is very harmful to realize the fact quickly.

I believe it is most important for anybody to get through problems in short term and with less stress. There is even one trouble which we can not solve. These ideas lead me to work on consultation with "solution focusd" consultation.

Even clients who were surprised at my method at the first time, they close the session with happy result and/or choice with full satisfaction. Just try!, if you can not decide to have a session or not.

Of course, NATSUKAWA listens to you in adequate time. But NATSUKAWA will not go with the flow.